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The Boost Support Team is here to assist you.  Please review our videos and FAQs below for assistance with the most commonly asked questions.

Educator FAQ

1  |  How do I create a cohort?

To create a cohort, navigate to My Cohorts and click + Create New Cohort. Then add a Cohort Name and click Create Cohort.  To add students to your cohort, you may add them individually or by import. To import students, choose Add Import from List, click Import Student List, paste your student list with individual email addresses separated by a comma. Then click Add Students, and the students will be added to your cohort. To add individual students, simply type in the student’s email address and click Add.

2  |  How do I assign a course?

To assign a course to a cohort, hover over the course and then click the Assign button. Choose the cohort(s) you want to assign to your course from the drop down list. Click Assign to Cohort. To assign a course to individual students, simply copy the link and email it to them. When the student clicks the link Boost will automatically enroll them into the course. You can view your assigned courses on the My Courses page.  Each Cohort page shows all courses assigned to that cohort.

3  |  How do I edit a course?

Choose the course you would like to edit. You may only edit courses that have not already been assigned. Hover over the course and click the Edit icon. Choose a new title for newly edited courses so they can be differentiated from the original courses on your Course dashboard. Update the title of the course by hovering over the title and selecting the Edit icon to the right of the title.


To change the order of a course, click and hold the 4 dots on the right of the resource bar or chapter bar, and then drag and drop it.


To delete resources from the course, simply click on the Trashcan icon to the right of the resources bar. You can also add resources from the resource library or upload your own. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the chapter you want to edit and select + Add Resource or Assessment.

4  |  How do I access student results?

For each Boost course you assign to a cohort, you will be able to see the results of the course in the performance dashboard. The dashboard will indicate courses completed by students, how many students have watched each video, and the results from each assessment. You will also be able to see and overall student proficiency score and confidence level. To view course results, hover over the assigned course and click on the Results icon to open the dashboard. You can find the your assigned courses by clicking on My Cohorts or My Courses

5  |  What is the difference between the Student Progress and Skills Coverage results dashboards?

Each cohort generates two dashboards, the Student Progress dashboard and the Skill Coverage dashboard. The Student Progress dashboard allows you to review results at the student level and understand how each learner is progressing and scoring in each assigned course or resource. The Skill Coverage dashboard allows you to track which skills have been covered with your students across courses and resources.

General FAQ

General FAQ
1  |  How do I search resources and courses?

We offer 3 helpful ways to search Boost resources and courses. On the Home page, you can scroll to find resources you want to save or view. You may also use the Search bar on the home page. Simply type in the type of resource or subject you are seeking to find options. Lastly, you may search by Subject by clicking on the subject area at the top of the home page to locate related resources.

2  |  How do I save resources and courses to use later?

When you find a resource you would like to save, hover over the item and click the Star Button on the bottom right to save it. Go to the My Resources tab at the top of the screen to see your saved resources, or choose the My Courses tab to view your saved courses.

3  |  What is the difference between a course and a resource?

Resources are individual videos or questions that may be used independently for study or practice. Think of them as the building blocks for courses. Courses are playlists of theory videos, exercise videos, and assessments designed to support you through learning-specific topic areas within a subject. You may either self-enroll into a course, or be assigned to a course by your school or instructor. Assigned courses may be found on your home page, as well as in My Courses.

4  |  How do I change my name or avatar?

Click on the Avatar at the top righthand side of the screen to visit account settings. To change the Avatar: hover over the avatar, click edit, and choose a new avatar image or upload your own, then hit save. To change the name, simply type in the name you want to appear in the First and Last Name form.

5  |  How do I change my password?

Before logging in, select 'Forgot your password?' at the bottom of the main Login screen. Reset your password by following the steps provided in the confirmation email.    

6  |  Who do I contact if I have issues with my account? 

Your institution has an assigned contact who is available to help with questions or concerns. Click on the avatar and choose Account Settings. Your institution’s contact person will be listed.  Reach out to them directly for account support.

7  |  How do I report an error or issue with a resource?

Although we run our content through peer review and multiple quality control measures, we are human. If you notice an error or concern, please report it to our chat bot at the bottom right of your screen. Don't forget to specify the name and time stamp of the asset so we can make the correction quickly.

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