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Boost offers curated collections of short, topic level videos designed to mimic a private tutor experience. Our learning pathways improve student outcomes when utilized by institutions as an independent study resource, course prerequisite, exam preparation or virtual tutor

Tested Pedagogy

Boost can be used across higher education institutions to address challenges with retention, scalable learning support and student satisfaction

Subscription access for the entire institution to subject or discipline collections.

Seamless access with easy authentication using institutional credentials or single sign-on.

Discoverability within the university library using MARC21 records.

Accessibility features and support to ensure all learners are accommodated.

Boost complements but does not want to replace:

  • In-person lectures and teaching

  • Traditional grading and accreditation

  • The school’s primary LMS system

  • Faculty assigned reading lists, textbooks, or homework

Male student using laptop to access Boost at home.
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Ways Institutions Can Use Boost

Independent Study Tutorials

Learners can browse the collections of curated, bite-sized tutorial videos and practice questions for independent study or exam revision.

Supplemental Videos

Departments can assign learning pathways as a cost-effective and engaging supplement to standard textbooks, or as prerequisites for incoming cohorts of mixed ability.

Assigned Video Courses

Libraries, departments and student success centers tasked with supporting struggling learning can supplement programs with Boost to ensure pedagogically sound, convenient, 24/7 access for all learners.

Customized Playlists

Departments can customize curated playlists with their own videos, slides or data sets to supplement asynchronous content with Boost's high quality video resources. Saving educator time and maximizing teaching impact.

Flexible Technology

Individual tutorial videos, practice questions, and learning pathways that can be taken independently or as part of an asynchronous assignment.

AI-driven recommendations with an emphasis on engagement and building mathematical fluency.

Editable learning pathways curated to optimize small wins and progression, emphasizing three social and emotional learning factors: focus, motivation and confidence.

Boost is highly customizable and supports diverse teaching styles and preferences

Student smiling using mobile phone to access Boost.

Platform Features



  • Bite-sized video tutorials that help students learn at their own pace

  • Step-by-step tutorial videos which help improve learning outcomes and practical understanding

  • Curated courses may be assigned by departments or taken by students independently

  • Assessments measure student progress

  • Customizable courses may be edited to suit the needs of specific learners



  • Database of tutorial and practice questions provide students a boost in their studies

  • Flexible teaching resources for blended learning models

  • Collection of curated courses for use in blended learning or as prerequisites

  • Editing tool to create and customize courses that meet your learners' needs



  • Assign curated course playlists and assessments to your learners

  • Step-by-step tutorial videos and practice questions improve learning outcomes and practical understanding

  • Create original courses from our library of 20,000 videos and 1,700 questions

  • Upload your own content to customize any course

  • Search and save videos from the content library for future viewing

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