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Boost provides quality STEM content and flexible features to improve learning outcomes and save instructors time, while keeping them at the heart of the learning experience.  Boost can be used effectively as an independent study resource for students, as well as within the classroom. 

Tested Pedagogy

Optimized for tutoring and student success centers, academic departments, and university libraries

Tested pedagogy based on the latest research in motivation, focus and confidence – three factors we believe are crucial to sustained learning progress in tough subjects

Quality, curated video content focused on increasing student understanding

Subscription platform which may be used to scaffold STEM learning and support students across the university

We complement but do not want to replace:

  • In-person lectures and teaching

  • Traditional grading and accreditation

  • The school’s primary LMS system

  • Faculty assigned reading lists, textbooks, or homework

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Ways to Use Boost

Independent Study Tutorials

Students can browse bite-sized tutorial videos and practice questions for independent study or exam revision

Supplemental Videos

Faculty can assign pre-curated video playlists as a cost-effective and engaging supplement to standard textbooks

Assign Video Courses

Departments or faculty can assign pre-requisite courses to bring students up to required standards before they begin class, or to benchmark areas of weakness that require more support across the incoming cohort

Customized Playlists

Faculty can customize pre-curated playlists with their own videos, slides, or data sets to supplement asynchronous content for in-class discussion, eliminating the need to create resources to cover basic topics

Flexible Technology

Individual tutorial videos, practice questions, or full courses that can be taken independently or as part of an asynchronous assignment​

AI-driven recommendations with an emphasis on engagement and building quantitative literacy

Editable course playlists curated to optimize small wins and progression, emphasizing three social, emotional learning factors 

Boost is highly customizable and supports diverse teaching styles and preferences

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Platform Features



  • Bite-sized video tutorials that help students learn at their own pace

  • Step-by-step practice videos which help improve learning outcomes and practical understanding

  • Curated courses may be assigned by instructors or taken by students independently

  • Assessments measure student progress

  • Customizable courses may be edited to suit the needs of specific learners



  • Database of tutorial and practice videos provide students a boost in foundational STEM topics

  • Flexible teaching resources for blended learning models

  • Collection of curated courses for use in blended learning or as prerequisites

  • Editing tool to create and customize courses that meet your learners' needs



  • Assign curated course playlists and assessments to your learners

  • Step-by-step practice videos improve learning outcomes and practical understanding

  • Create original courses from our library of 20,000 videos and 1,700 questions

  • Upload your own content to customize any course

  • Search and save videos from the content library for future viewing

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