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Boost by Proprep Announces OpenStax Ally Partnership

Boost by Proprep, a video learning platform engaging students and improving learning outcomes, announces strategic partnership with OpenStax and will provide curated video content and interactive learning alongside key textbooks, addressing student success in quantitative skills.

Boost by Proprep Announces OpenStax Ally Partnership

Boost by Proprep, whose collections of curriculum-aligned tutorial videos and multimedia questions help education providers enhance student learning experiences worldwide, is announcing a partnership with OpenStax, a trusted provider of open educational resources (OER) that is an educational initiative of nonprofit Rice University. OpenStax is committed to increasing access to education for all students by providing free online, high-quality, peer-reviewed, openly licensed textbooks and related learning resources. With thousands of videos being pedagogically mapped to key OpenStax's textbooks, Boost will enable OpenStax users to access tutorial videos which are proven to enhance and cement learning.

“Educators and students are looking for innovative learning experiences to enrich teaching and learning and frequently turn to video to explain difficult concepts.” Katharine Jackson Boost CEO says “We are excited to be able to partner with OpenStax so as to marry our effective video tutorials and multi choice questions with OpenStax quality textbooks and maximize student success. We are proud to support the OER movement and to be chosen by OpenStax as an ally.”

As university faculty adopt OpenStax textbooks, educators will be able to utilize Boost video learning collections and courses alongside their studies. University faculty will be able to purchase subscriptions to the Boost modules for their students. Specific alignment and mapping to three major OpenStax textbooks will be available from November 2023.

“Students have very different needs, and the popularity of video as an instructional supplement by students has continued to rise year-after-year,” says Anthony Palmiotto, OpenStax Director of Higher Education. “Partnering with organizations like Proprep who are likewise committed to serving the varied needs of students helps further our mission.”

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